Multilingual Stuff carries out what we call a complete process: we take the original content (whether it's a website, a brochure, a document or a piece of software) and we deliver the exact equivalent in all the target languages, in exactly the same format, and taking the readers in each country into account. Here's an example of our complete process:

» Original website
The client gave us this website: http://www.cbfrost-railmaterials.com/ and wanted 4 new websites (French, Spanish, German, Italian).
The only input was the original website (closed code), and the new 4 websites had to have all the original content in the correct language, and they also had to work in exactly the same way as the original.
The website contains a large number of technical words belonging to the specific industry the client operates in.

» New websites
We researched all the technical words and found their exact equivalents in each of the four requested languages.
We reverse-engineered the site to turn it into something we could modify and work with.
We translated the text into the 4 languages taking into account the target customers in each country.
We created these 4 websites:

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TIP: Have you thought about the fact that your French customers could tend to like green buttons whereas your German customers might prefer blue buttons? We'll help you make more sales by doing much more than just translating your text!