We offer a range of services all designed to support companies to move into the global marketplace or to extend their share of the global market.

» Translation
Anything that needs translating be it software, marketing material or legal documents, we can do it quickly, efficiently and with an end product in exactly the same format as the original and that is super high quality and that possesses that all important native feel. Don’t forget that with the 2012 Olympics coming up in London now is the perfect time for any business to broaden their international market horizons.

» Internet based services
We can offer anything web related that you may need. Be it a straightforward translation of a website into a different language, the full development of a web presence in a different country or anything else in between.

» Search engine optimisation
We have the knowledge and experience to develop any of your websites in any country so that they receive large amounts of web traffic. So, for example, when a French person searches in the French Google for the product that you sell, we will help you appear in the search results.

» Foreign market research
Did you know that there is more than one word in German for light bulb? If you were a company selling light bulbs we could find out for you which word your German customers would be most likely to use and search for on the internet.

» Assistance with the recruitment of foreign personnel
Would you be interested in employing a native speaker of a foreign language? You can interview them in your own language, but how would you assess their aptitude for their native language? How do you know what the foreign qualifications you may be presented with actually mean? Our experts can assist with this whole process.

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TIP: Have you thought about the fact that your French customers could tend to like green buttons whereas your German customers might prefer blue buttons? We'll help you make more sales by doing much more than just translating your text!